Recovery Cartel

I share a lot of information from Richard, he speaks the truth about this horrible epidemic that is ripping apart our country. He publishes a lot of great information that I encourage you to watch and read.

??Cartel–an arrangement between parties to promote a mutual interest or goal… ???


We have to change the way we are addressing addiction. We have to innovate and come up with ideas that will work and save lives. This epidemic is ravaging so many families and communities. Changing how we think of addiction is a critical part. We have to make people realize that shaming does NOT work. It has never worked on anything and it will not work with addiction.

I keep thinking back to what Richard says about rallies and doing more. A call to action is needed, something else beside just rallying. I think the rallies are very helpful for raising awareness and fighting against the stigma. But, we need to have a fundamental change in how addiction is treated at a policy level.

I believe it will take a RADICAL reshuffling of treatment approach & public policy to make a dent in this crisis.
I say that because all our current efforts have fallen short as indicated by astronomical increase in over-dose deaths. If it’s a disease the primary indicator of successful care would be keeping people alive. Right?

All that we have done to this point has been predicated on our pre-existing approach/philosophy. All our money and resources have been funneled through our pre-existing system of care.

Richard Jones

Think about this. We have been battling addiction for so long. It is just getting worse and not lowering. We are seeing new substances take grips that are more powerful and more deadly. But, the system for treating addiction has not changed. We are still using the same systems.

I agree with Richard that we have to have a RADICAL change in what we are doing. We have to innovate and come up with ideas and strategies that will make a difference. Look at the chart below from, this chart starts in 2002 and only goes through 2015. We know that 2016 is worse and 2017 is already looking to surpass the previous year.

Please watch the video below from Richard on his new Recovery Cartel Channel, subscribe and follow. We have to fight this and we have to change what we are doing.

People will actively push back on the ideas. When that happens it indicates that the proposed idea is probably the right type of idea…bureaucratic objection especially, is a litmus test for a great idea. Almost as promising as when a treatment provider tells you “that’s not the way we do it”…. then you are on the right track.
That’s the cartel…the recovery cartel. – Richard Jones





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