Month: July 2017

Gratitude & Recovery

Today, my family is finishing a long weekend. We really needed the time to stop and reflect and just enjoy each other. Everyone is going through struggles in their lives, some are much worse than others. We never know what a person is going through and how much a simple smile or hello can do for a person. At the start of the weekend I was so excited to be able to meet both Antonio and Alexis, two new friends and fellow hope warriors. Antonio (TeeLow) was performing at a Teen Challenge in Sandusky, Ohio. Please check out some...

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Chanda started a Youtube Channel for her videos. Please subscribe to her channel. This is a powerful video, Chanda speaks the truth. The language is rough but that is what happens sometimes when addressing hard facts like she is.    ...

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End The Hate, Spread HOPE

We are sorry we had to cancel yesterday live with Alexis and Ashely about their powerful project. We are rescheduling this for mid next week. When we support each other beautiful things happen. – Koriann E. Dear America: Fight For Recovery (An Open Letter) Chanda Lynn Youtube Channel TeeLow Music      ...

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