ACTION NEEDED: Please Help Save Lives


Middletown, Ohio has a proposal that would stop saving people if they have had 2 previous revivals with Narcan. This is WRONG on so many levels.

Look at this post for more information and understanding.

Sharing this post as well with more information.

Please call and email this councilman and inform him of the devastating consequences this proposal will have.

Okay, I need YOUR help. Some of you may have heard about Middletown, Ohio and their 3 strike proposal. This proposal entails that the first 2 times a person overdoses, they are sentenced to community service to pay for the Narcan. The 3rd time they overdose, the city will not send out first responders to the overdose patient- consequently resulting in possible/probable death. I got word this morning that they really may be going through with this!! SO PLEASE EMAIL Dan Picard and CALL him telling him how you feel- and why this could be a devastating policy! Tell him your experience with addiction or a loved ones addiction and how Narcan gave them that 3rd and 4th chance. I am figuring out how to get to Middletown as we speak. SHARE THIS!!

Contact all of these people about this, Daniel Picard is the person proposing this.

Larry Mulligan, Jr.
Term expires 12/31/2019
(513) 258-7284
Daniel Picard

Term expires 12/31/2017
(513) 423-4063

Steve Bohannon

Term expires 12/31/2019
(513) 425-7831

Talbott Moon

Term expires 12/31/2019
(513) 318-8289

Dr. Dora Bronston
Vice Mayor
Term expires 12/31/2017
(513) 425-7719
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