Bill Would Devastate Medicaid

Personally, I did not like the Affordable Care Act, there are some good parts but overall I was not pleased with the bill or how it was made law. Now, we also have the Better Care Reconciliation Act which is using the same procedures to move through Congress. I totally agree that ACA needs to be changed, I don’t think it is realistic to repeal it at this point though.  There are good parts to it and we must not loose those.

Bill would devastate Medicaid, endanger Americans with mental health and substance use disorders, including opioid addictions, APA says — Read more.

I joined a conference call last night with Facing Addiction and we discussed the Better Care Reconciliation Act. During the call the discussion about the impact on addiction and the addiction crisis was our main exploration and I had many questions which where answered.

After doing research and discussing the current bill I am very scared about the impact this will have on both addiction and mental health. Medicaid is used to help with addiction and mental health services, the bill would lower funds that are available to the states for treating addiction and mental health. We have to remember that we in a health crisis in the United States.

Overdose is the leading cause of death for people under 50!

Lowering services or making services harder to get will not help this crisis but just make it worse. Please, we can’t have this happen. I agree that we need to do more about health care, but this is not the way. We need Congress to put together a bipartisan bill that can have support of the United States. Pushing bills through using reconciliation is a procedure that allows a bill to be passed with a simple majority. Such a major bill should never be moved through Congress in this way.

Medicaid is not the only aspect affected by the Better Care Reconcillation Act, also this would change how mental health and addiction services are treated. The Affordable Care Act required that addiction and mental health services be available.

So, what can we do?

Call your U.S. Senators and tell them that you oppose this bill and encourage them to reach across the isle and work with their counterparts to write a REAL bill for healthcare.  Find your representative here. 

Please share this post, call your U.S. Senator and ask your friends and family to call also. Tell them to NOT support this bill and to work together to write a real health care bill.

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