The Project – The SHINE

The purpose of The Sunflower Effect is to share the hope and power of recovery. Recovery is possible and is happening throughout the country. There are strong warriors that are fighting on a daily basis. They are fighting the strong grips of addiction hour by hour, day by day.

We believe that empathy and compassion can help more people in this battle, but we need to do more. We need to change how we are fighting addiction. We need to have real solution and innovation on the ground.

Recovery is possible and there is HOPE.

Together, we can share the power of recovery. The SHINE that radiates from people in recovery. With compassion and empathy we can encourage more people to start their recovery journey and stand with them when they need support.

So, we need you.

One of the core projects of Sunflower Effect is to share this hope and shine of recovery. We are doing this using social media with  online videos. 

We are excited to be setting up a table for the first time at an event in Monongahela, PA. We will have at table setup to record short videos of hope and recovery. After the event these clips will be edited into a final “The Shine: You’re Never Alone”.

View the event page on Facebook below, we hope to see you there and stop and say HI.

“Your never Alone” “From Death to Life” – Chess Park 700 West Main Street, Monongahela, Pennsylvania 15063

Please share your story of recovery and how recovery has changed your life.

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