A Set Back Will Not Stop US

This is an epidemic, a health crisis that is taking 144 lives each day in the United States. The film Generation Found is about the Youth Recovery Revolution and explores how a town in Texas is fighting this crisis with a Recovery High School.
I am disappointed to say that we have not reached the “tipping” point needed to have our screening of Generation Found. I encourage you to see the film, you can go to the Generation Found web site to find a location or stream the film. Please comment on this post about your thoughts on the film, I would love to hear feedback from it. If you would like to go on a Facebook Live with me about the film I would be honored to host it with you.

We are on a mission to help save lives and shatter the stigma of addiction and mental illness. We will NOT stop and will keep exploring other ways of reaching everyone and changing how people look at addiction, recovery and mental illness.

This may be a small set back, but NOT the end of the mission. Sunflower Effect was created in memory and honor of Amber and all of the people who lost their battle.

We are in the process of organizing an event in the Carrick neighborhood of Pittsburgh. This was my home for many years, this is where Amber was brought home when she was born and sadly where she lost her battle. Carrick has been fighting hard trying to revive and is a wonderful neighborhood to raise a family. We would like to give back to Carrick and help people understand that recovery is possible. We need to show compassion and empathy without removing accountability. This does NOT mean shaming people.

This summer, Sunflower Effect is planning an event “Shattering The Stigma” in Carrick. We are still in the planning stage and excited about what we are organizing. A location is available to host this event. Next, we would love to have people in recovery that can share their talents, music, poetry and art come to mind. If you would like to share your story of recovery and your talent please contact us so we can discuss.

More information will be available as details are worked out.

Join the revolution and and we can all change the world and save lives. There is HOPE. Share your shine and raidiate over people with the love of recovery.


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