Heroin Pipeline to Pittsburgh

WPXI is hosting a series on the addiction epidemic that is taking so many lives.

The heroin epidemic costs taxpayers nearly $22 billion each year. More than $5 billion of that is spent on heroin-related crimes.

Below is the first episode that was hosted live on Facebook.

Help for heroin addiction. Lucy Garrighan with Jade Wellness is answering your questions about addiction and recovery. http://on.wpxi.com/2qIEm7W

I watched this discussion on Facebook and was happy with the information that was presented. My deepest sympathies to Lucy who lost her son to this epidemic.

We are loosing 144 lives every day in the US to this crisis. Addiction is a disease that changes a person’s brain. Opiates are being prescribed so often and easily. The prescribing is slowly being controlled. We where told that many of these drugs that are being prescribed are safe for long term use and non-addiction. The company was fined by the federal government for this lie.

One thing that I constantly notice is the hate and ignorance in the message threads. People saying Narcan is free, people saying “let them die”. An 11 year old overdosed in Pittsburgh two weeks ago and was saved with Narcan. People get cancer, heart disease and diabetes many times from bad choices that they made.

We have to SHATTER THE STIGMAN and change how we treat addiction. How many people have to die before we wake up and release we are loosing at generation of people.

Everyone can take part in fighting the addiction epidemic. Just show compassion and empathy. You don’t know what that person is going through. You don’t know why the choose to try the drug. Many where heart and prescribed pain pills, got hooked and then where cut off without help.

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