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The primary symptoms of depression are a sad mood and/or loss of interest in life. Activities that were once pleasurable lose their appeal. Patients may also be haunted by a sense of guilt or worthlessness, lack of hope, and recurring thoughts of death or suicide. Read more.

Depression is very real and difficult. I have chronic depression and have been going through a hard episode lately.  I have seen my doctor about my changes. Depression can be treated, but you have to talk. Keeping your thoughts within you can be very harmful. I also journal, I seem to journal a lot more when feeling down, but try very hard to journal all the time. I do what I call thought journaling, where I write simple entries throughout the day of my thoughts. Instead of sharing socially, I just add the short thoughts or pictures to my journal

Loosing interst and extreme fatigue, tiredness, exhaustion. Not able to get myself going, these feelings are very real and so hard to break. My doctor has adjustmented my medicine and I am anxious for it to take effect. I am also going to pursue meditation again, I have loved to mediate but find it so difficult to do. I really enjoyed it when I attended a yoga studio that a friend had, but it has since closed.

Thoughts raising through your head, feelings of doom. I don’t drink and really make sure not to consume alcohol while in these moods. Alcohol and drugs can make the feelings must worse and have devastating results. I choose not to drink after seeing how addiction has affected so many people I care about and knowing that I can very easily become addicted.

The thought of calming yoga and mediation go through my head and I want to push myself to sit and meditation, but yet I don’t do it. Exercise I have found to also help, but I haven’t done that in a while and feel the difference in myself since not exercising.

I think of the tattoo on my hand, a semicolon. The Semicolon Project, “Your Story Doesn’t End Here”. I don’t know why I am posting this here today, but I feel it is what I should do. If you are suffering from depression, please don’t be afraid to talk about it. Talk to a loved one, talk to a doctor.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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