Mother's Day


Today is Mother’s Day.

I am grateful for having my mother, mother-in-law and step-mother in my life. Don’t ever take for granted what you have, see what you have right now and show that you appreciate it. I don’t do that all the time but I try. 

Today is a very hard day for so many people. The addiction epidemic is taking so many lives and this leaves a huge hole in people’s hearts that can’t be replaced. Grieving is a very long process and never really goes away. 

My little little sister doesn’t have her daughter here for Mother’s Day. But, Amber is with her and all of us in our hearts. Holidays are very hard when you are missing someone you love. 

Janine, Amber is with you always and in your hearts. She loves you more than you know. 

Children miss their mothers, mother’s miss their children. 

If you are suffering from addiction please reach out for help. There are a many organizations and people out there who just want to help. Reach out and ask for help, people do care. Ignore the hate and know that there are so many people that truly love you.

Today so many people will travel to a cemetary to visit their loved ones. Some taken way to soon as part of this horrible epidemic that we are facing. We have to do more and we have to come up with real solutions. The methods that are being used are not working. We have to END THE STIGMA! We have to show compassion and have empathy.

Children are loosing their parents, parents are loosing their children. How many people do we have to loose before we stop and change what we are doing. We have to put our feet on the ground and talk to people and build real strategies that will help people in need.

Today as you are celebrating Mother’s Day, remember that there is an empty seat at so many tables. There is a missing chair in so many families. There are so many people that are visiting this children at a cemetary.

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