South Pittsburgh Opioid Action Coalition

Nearly a dozen people have overdosed in Carrick in the last month, many of them in the bathrooms of businesses along the Brownsville Road corridor.

The addiction epidemic is ravaging our neighborhoods and taking to many lives. We are witnessing this first hand in our local communities.

In 2017, Carrick has already had 40 overdoses and five deaths, making it the neighborhood with the second-most opioid-related incidents in Pittsburgh, just behind Downtown.

It is beyond time that we work on real solutions and change how we fighting this health crisis. We have seen some wonderful organizations speak up after the loss of a loved one as well as people who are in recovery that are fighting to help with this problem.

I met Natalia Rudiak, city councilperson from Pittsburgh’s District 4 after we lost Amber. I have been speaking with her often over the nearly 2 years since we lost Amber. She is a caring  person who has shown to me that she is serious about fighting this crisis.

Recently her and I spoke about the coalition that she is trying to build to fight this crisis in South Pittsburgh. After our discussing I filled our my letter of intent to volunteer on this coalition and strongly encourage you to do the same. Natalia is looking to build a coalition of people to find and build real solutions from people on the ground affected by this crisis.

If you haven’t heard, our office, along with the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Pharmacy is forming the South Pittsburgh Opioid Action Coalition to find real strategies for dealing with our district’s heroin and opioid-related issues. Read more.

Natalia asked me if I would have a seat at the table to figure out how to address this issue. Natalia has asked also our community to have a seat. We can’t do this by ourselves and we need people who are passionate and want to figure out real solutions.

When we stand together to tackle problems like this, we are stronger. – Natalia Rudiak

If you have been personally affected by this epidemic, we encourage you to share your interest and apply. We expect to hold the first meeting in late spring; with monthly meetings after that. Meetings will be facilitated by personnel from the School of Pharmacy.

Please email with your desire to join this coalition and help save lives.



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