Narcan Saves Lives


Friday, April 5th Richard Jones and I discussed Narcan and the current “soap boxes” on Facebook.

The Facebook meme that I have seen compares Narcan to Chemotherapy and the Epipen. All of these medicines are very important and need to be readily available. The meme promotes the myth that Narcan is free, yes I said myth. Narcan is readily available through the country, I have seen prices between $100 and $150 for a Narcan kit.

What is Narcan™ (naloxone)?

Narcan™ (naloxone) is an opiate antidote. Opioids include heroin and prescription pain pills like morphine, codeine, oxycodone, methadone and Vicodin. When a person is overdosing on an opioid, breathing can slow down or stop and it can very hard to wake them from this state. Narcan™ (naloxone) is a prescription medicine that blocks the effects of opioids and reverses an overdose. It cannot be used to get a person high. If given to a person who has not taken opioids, it will not have any effect on him or her, since there is no opioid overdose to reverse. For additional medical information about how naloxone works click here. There are also many naloxone training and informational videos available, click here to browse our resources. Read more.

I am doing some research on the emergency use of Narcan and how this gets paid for, but typically from my experience with going to an ER I am sent a bill. If you pay the bill, that is a completely different story.

Richard and I also discussed “Narcan Parties”, this is the idea that a drug dealer is selling both Narcan and Heroin to a user or drug users are keeping Narcan with them when the use. Let’s look at what Narcan does, Narcan reverses the effects of the opioid. What this means is that once a person is giving Narcan they are in withdraw. Withdraw is one of the aspects that causes relapses and prevents people from recovery. The news piece I heard about “Narcan Parties” cited NO EVIDENCE about the existence of Narcan parties.

Please watch the discussion that Richard and I had about these topics.

Below are some of the links that we discussed in this show.

  • FAVOR Greenville
    • FAVOR is all about organizing the recovery community to put a “face and voice” on recovery and to provide intervention and recovery support services to those seeking recovery.
  • Recovery Cartel
    • To provide the most comprehensive, helpful, informative and actionable information in the domain of addiction, treatment and recovery.
  • Celebrating Lost Loved Ones Map
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