We Have To Get LOUDER

An 11-year-old girl was taken to the hospital Wednesday after a suspected overdose, a Pittsburgh police spokeswoman said Thursday.

When I saw this on my news feeds I was in shock. An 11 year! I am so afraid that we are only in the beginning of this horrific epidemic that is taking more lives than gun violence. There are now more drug related driving charges that alcohol.

As part of its annual report, the CDC also found that rates for 8 of the 10 leading causes of death rose last year, causing the nation’s life expectancy to go down for the first time in more than 20 years. Read more.

Also, this week a HUGE amount of Carfentanil was found in a Pennsylvania HOME. Carfentanil is more potent than morphine, heroin and fentanyl.

A dose of carfentanil as small as a grain of sand can be deadly, which is why the hazmat team was needed to remove it from the home.

We have to do more and we have to act NOW. We are loosing a generation of people to the addiction epidemic. We need to gather and let our voices be heard loud and clear. We need real plans that are actionable.

6) If you are a real recovery advocate. Don’t let the politicians parade you out in front of the community for a “photo opp” without saying some hard things. Don’t let them USE you for a convenient distraction. NO MORE RALLIES FOR THE HELL OF IT. CALL THEM OUT EVERY CHANCE YOU GET. WE WANT REAL CHANGE. DON’T NICKLE AND DIME US.  Read entire post.

Let’s talk about actions and how to get louder and help save our communities. We would like to have a special conversation with anyone that is willing to fight this and come up with real plans. The status quo is NOT working, we have to change how we are addressing addiction. Please contact us to be involved in a discussion on building real plans.

The Sunflower Effect wants to build an alliance of groups and individuals to stand up and fight this health crisis. We need to let the government know that we need to do more and treat this like the health crisis it is.

Let’s STOP judging people. STOP the stigma. Let’s show compassion and empathy while fighting this crisis. We need real solutions.

LetsTalkNarcan_fbliveLet’s talk Narcan!

Tonight at 7PM we ask you to join us for a Facebook Live conversation. We invite you to join and help us fight this battle. Share you stories of hope, compassion, empathy. Help educate our community.

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