Baby, Wake Up

Thank you Emily for sharing your song with me. Baby, Wake Up is a touching song about the effects of addiction on the family. Addiction is a family disease, if affects so many people and we need to show compassion and empathy for people suffering from this disease and...

In today's #IssueMonday, Ashleigh discusses the opioid epidemic in our communities and her plan to address it!

Posted by Ashleigh Deemer on Monday, April 10, 2017

South Pittsburgh Opioid Action Coalition

Natalia Rudiak, City of Pittsburgh District 4 Council Woman has been active in addiction crisis we are facing. I have spoke with her several times and believe that she is a woman who wants change and is willing to fight for it. I was honored to see her attend the...

Do we just throw overdosed babies on the sidewalk?

Posted by Chanda Lynn on Saturday, April 8, 2017

Recovery Community

I watch Chanda’s videos all the time. She is an inspiring woman who is in recovery. She knows what she is talking about and is advocating for change in addiction. Please listen to Chanda and follow her, she speaks the truth. Thank you Chanda for what you do, you...

Celebrating Lost Loved Ones

I am very active on social media and began tweeting with Jeremiah who runs Rx and Heroin Maps. This is an amazing site he has built in memory of his brother. The site allows you to add your loved one to a map and put a memorial on. More news stories this week lead to...

GENERATION FOUND is a great way to catalyze a dialogue on youth addiction and recovery issues in your community. The film has teamed up with independent film distributor Gathr® Filmsto make bringing GENERATION FOUND to your local theater easier than ever!

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