Celebrating Lost Loved Ones

I am very active on social media and began tweeting with Jeremiah who runs Rx and Heroin Maps. This is an amazing site he has built in memory of his brother. The site allows you to add your loved one to a map and put a memorial on.

There 144 lives that are lost every day in the United States to an accidental overdose. These are NOT just statistics and numbers, each one is somebody’s loved one. A mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, niece, nephew, grandparent and other loved ones. Each person is cared for by someone and is a whole in someone’s heart. Jeremiah’s site helps change this by putting a face to the enormous number of lives being lost.

Celebrating Lost Loved Ones to the Opioid Epidemic. This site was put together as a memorial to his brother and to help spread awareness. People who pass from an overdose are not just a number, they are a loved one. We must do everything we can to end this horrible health crisis.

Thank you Jeremiah for your mission, we have to realize that we are loosing so many people that are loved and struggling with a horrible disease.


Join us on Thursday for a live Facebook discussion with Jeremiah as we talk about his mission and his site. Add your loved your to the map to bring attention to how this epidemic is taking REAL PEOPLE! We can’t just forget them. We must be their voices as we fight to save lives.

Celebrating Lost Loved Ones

The rise in deaths due to prescription drugs and heroin is alarming. Often times society may have a perception of who this is. The fact is they are everyday people we love, everywhere. Click the “Contribute Lost Loved One” to add a loved one.

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