Please change your profile to show you stand with the #YouthRecoveryMovemnt.

I watched Generation FOUND and loved the film. Generation FOUND is a documentary about a recovery high school in Texas. Everyone in the school is in recovery. The documentary follows students, administration and the community and explores the value of recovery schools. It was so inspiring. See how recovery is possible and how recovery schools can help bring more HOPE to people suffering with addiction.


This quote is so powerful and so true! “There is nothing more POWERFUL than watching a young person INSPIRED by another young person.”

We have scheduled a screening of Generation FOUND on June 5, 2017 at the Galleria in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Today, the film is available for streaming. So, what do we do about our screening? We am leaving the screening as it is, we will have some speakers and information available at the screening and you will have the opportunity to meet others that are motivated to fight this health crisis.

A dialog is so important that we are hoping that you will still come and join us for our screening and join any other events. We have to come together as a community and join forces.

Sunflower Effect’s goal is to build alliances to raise awareness to addiction and mental health.

Please change your profile to show you stand with the #YouthRecoveryMovemnt.