Sharing The SHINE With Seniors

IMG_1039Today we had the honor to speak at Baldwin High School to the senior class. My friends Brianna and Ryan told their stories of addiction and recovery. They both did an amazing job and showed that there is HOPE and that we can recover from this horrible disease. Their SHINE radiates so bright and we are hoping that the seniors saw this shine and something stuck with them. Today, 350 seniors heard Brianna and Ryan, that is a great way to get the message out and help save lives!

We feel this it is so important to educate everyone about the power of addiction and how easily it is to be gripped by it. We are loosing 144 lives in the United States every day to overdose. We have to do more and this is a wonderful step in the right direction.

Brianna and Ryan gave me permission to video their talks and we will publishing the video you to see. See that addiction does NOT discriminate and you can recover from it.

Thank you Baldwin-Whitehall, Baldwin Police Department and Whitehall Police Department.


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