Recovery is Possible!

Last night I had the honor of seeing a friend share her story of recovery. It brough tears to my eyes. Seeing the love she has for recovery and that people have for her. Addiction is a chronic disease that grips you so tight and changes who you are.

Open you eyes and realize that addiction CAN happen to ANYONE!

Your straight A student, star athlete, loving spouse, parents, grandparents.

Addiction does NOT discriminate.

We have to open everyone’s eyes and help people understand that addiction can and will take hold of you. It will be quick and so powerful that everything you believe in will be fogged by this demon.

The vision of Sunflower Effect is to END the flow of lives that are loosing their battle to addiction.

We want to change the WORLD. I said WE. I do believe that ONE person can make a difference but an army of people will make a bigger difference. We can do this by speaking out.  Talk to your children, don’t just tell them drugs are bad, show them what to do when they are in a situation. Empower them to stop and think for a minute and reach out for help. Listen, really listen to what your children and other people are saying. You never know when you words will help someone that is in a bad situation.

Let’s join together and share our stories of recovery and hope. The SHINE of recovery.

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