Discussion with Kimberley – TAM

Eighteen days after Amber passed I signed up on The Addicts Mom. This was just one of the places that I was reaching out to for help and to talk. I believe that talking is very important to healing and grieving.  I joined The Addicts Mom Facebook groups that are for father’s and had some good discussions with people who under understand the pain of loosing someone you love to this horrible disease of addiction.

Last night, March 24, 2017, I had the privilege of having a discussion on Facebook Live with Kimberley an advocate for The Addicts Mom. She is a person in long term recovery and also knows the battle of having a child in addict and NOW in recovery.

Kimberley and I had a very good discussion about addiction and what we can do to help. She is very passionate about helping others, which is very common with people in recovery. She knows the pain and confusion, she also understands the powerful grip of addiction from her own story.

The Mission of the Addict’s Mom: To “Share Without Shame”

You can watch the video of our discussion below. Please also visit The Addicts Mom.


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