State Of Addiction

Last night WTAE Pittsburgh aired a prime time special of Chronicle State of Addiction. The program continued immediately after with a Facebook Live Q & A discussion. It was difficult to watch the program and seeing Amber and hearing us talk about her. But, I believe in my heart that Amber would want us to tell her story to help others. Hearing Kendra on the Facebook Live talk about her recovery is the HOPE that we must all realize. She was an inspiration to hear.

The program will be aired again:

  • WTAE 4 – Saturday 7 – 8PM
  • This TV Pittsburgh – Saturday 10 – 11PM
  • This TV Pittsburgh – Sunday 9 – 10PM

Seeing Amber on the screen and hearing my mother speak brought so many memories and emotions back. It was very hard and emotional. I am so proud of all of my family and friends who are fighting this crisis and trying to help others in need. Knowing that Baldwin-Whitehall is trying to take a leadership role to help fight this crisis is heartwarming. All schools need to take part and build new programs to address this health crisis.

Once again I heard how we are losing more lives from overdose than gun violence and car accidents. There are 144 people dying every day in the United States from an overdose, this epidemic needs to turn from words to ACTION.

I am just a vessel to help bring the messages out. Amber, was like a daughter to me and she touched so many hearts. People suffering with addiction are good people that are suffering a horrible disease.

Join me Friday for a Facebook Live to talk about the program with everyone. Details will be published later today.

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