Prime Time Special Today at 8 PM on WTAE – State of Addiction

Tonight at 8PM Sally Wiggin will provide an in-depth look at the State of Addiction. Immediately following the broadcast, WTAE will host a live Q & A at 9PM on Facebook. Please tune in tonight and watch the prime time special and join WTAE for a Q & A on their Facebook page immediately after.

Baldwin-Whitehall School District participated in this special prime-time event. This school year Baldwin-Whitehall hosted two events. I am proud that Baldwin-Whitehall is taking a leadership role to raise awareness and help educate our students and community about the epidemic that is taking 144 lives every day in the United States.

OffScript by Saltworks

Baldwin High School students attended an assembly presentation of OffScript by Saltworks. OffScript is a live performance about three high school students that are very different but have one thing in common, addiction to prescription drugs. I was not able to see OffScript but my mother, step-father, sister and daughters did and found it very moving. Several parents provided me wonderful feedback on the assembly and also where told the same thing from their students.

Chasing The Dragon by the FBI and DEA

Baldwin-Whitehall also hosted a screening of Chasing The Dragon that was open to the public.  The Dragon is a documentary about the lives of people addicted to opiates and how it takes hold of their lives. The documentary was a joint effort of the FBI and DEA.

I hope other school districts will follow the lead of Baldwin-Whitehall and make other programs available to their students and the communities. We are loosing 144 lives every single day in the United States. We have to do more and change what we are doing.

As part of this ongoing mission, our District will be part of a special prime-time news program on Wednesday, March 22 at 8:00 PM, hosted by WTAE’s Sally Wiggin on the opioid epidemic in Pennsylvania. Part of the program will discuss the role of education on the front lines of the battle and will feature our District’s efforts toward educating students and families within our community. – Read memo from Baldwin-Whitehall.

We need to do more and understand that addiction is a disease. We have to shatter the stigma associated with addiction and realize that people are suffering from addiction. We are loosing 144 people every day in the United States from overdose, this is more than gun violence and car accidents put together according to the Allegheny County Sheriff.

I hope that you will all watch the prime time show this Wednesday at 8PM on WTAE as Sally explores the state of addiction. Following the program will be a live Facebook discussion on the WTAE Facebook page.

“Addiction is a human story; these are our family members, friends and neighbors,” said Wiggin. “Our goal is to fight the stigma, find solutions and show everyone there is hope.” – read more

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