We have to change how we are addressing addiction. We are in the beginning of a health crisis. We are NOT treating this as an epidemic, just calling it one. We have to change from words to action.

Another young person dies from addiction. WE HAVE A PROBLEM. If you are a one size fits all treatment provider you are part of that problem. THIS IS WHAT HITTING BOTTOM LOOKS LIKE TODAY. People say “Just wait until they want it. If they worked the program it would have worked out”. Would u say that if it was your kid? we have a moral obligation to find more solutions. – Richard Jones

I know what it feels like to lose someone you love dearly to addiction. She did NOT choose to be an addict. She had dreams and aspirations.

I know so many others that have lost their battle and have talk to so many families. We have to do more.

End the stigma once and for all!

Change how we treat addiction. Once size fits all is NOT working. We have to get into the communities and help.

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