Not One More Overdose * Lost Spirit * Grieving Heart

Addiction is affecting so many people. There are so many people suffering addiction and you may not even know it. They are our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.. They are fighting a daily struggle again the demon of addiction.


Not One More, is a non-profit that hosts vigils around the country. We are lucky to have a chapter right here in Pittsburgh that hosts some beautiful vigils in memory of people who have lost their battle with addiction. 


Not One More Pittsburgh (NOM) brings communities together to take action against the addiction crisis. Using a grass roots approach, NOM collaborates with community organizations to improve the public’s understanding of addiction and provide support for individuals and their families suffering from the disease. NOM advocates for effective prevention, education, harm reduction and enforcement efforts so those suffering from addiction can live whole, healthy and productive lives.

I met Laura and Caroline at the local Fed Up Rally in Pittsburgh. We have worked together on events, collaborated on ideas to raise awareness and fight this horrible health crisis.

We can’t fight this crisis alone, we need to work with others. I am honored to call the people at Not One More Pittsburgh friends and work with them as we work to erase the epidemic.

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