Contribute Your Story to The SHINE!

Please help us spread the word and end the stigma.

A friend described people with the passion for recovery as having a SHINE. I loved this description and feel is it exactly what I see when I talk to people in recovery. Their passion and heart shines so bright. They want to help people, they want to let people know there is HOPE.

Everyone has to work together to have an impact and that is the hope of the Sunflower Effect. Our vision is to bring people together for a common cause and fight this health crisis.

Would you like to be part of The Shine, please reach out and contribute your stories of addiction, recovery, hope and grief. Sharing your stories help others, it lowers the stigma associated with addiction, recovery and mental illness. The SHINE will be a big part of the Sunflower Effect.

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Would you like to contribute your SHINE to Sunflower Effect, contact us below. You can also email us at info[@] We will work with you to help contribute your story.





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