Nominate Your School #EraseTheEpidemic

erase-the-epidemicListening to The Bubba Show this morning on 100.7 Star FM I am also dissapointed that there are not thousands of people nominating their schools for this assembly. The show will select two schools for this assembly in April.

We have to open our EYES and realize that this is a health crisis! We have to do more, 100.7 Star FM and the Bubba Show’s initiave is a great way to keep raise awareness.

‘Erase the Epidemic’ focuses on bringing awareness to the opioid and heroine addictions that are killing our friends and families in our communities. With your help, we want to stop the cycle before it starts. – Bubba Show

The first step is to realize addiction does NOT discrimate and can and will affect ANYONE! There are 144 people dying every day in the United States from overdoes. Drug use is starting at earlier ages than ever before.

Take advantaged of this opportunity to bring an assembly to your school and nominate your school.

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