Reschedule: Discussion with Richard Jones

Today we had technical problems that prevented the Facebook Live. I was informed by the service provider there was an outage that caused the problem.

I am so sorry for the problems and am looking into backup plans. Richard has graciously offered to talk again this Friday at 5PM EST.  I strongly encourage everyone to go to Sunflower Effect’s Facebook Page on Friday at 5p. Richard has a wonderful vision that I share, his passion and energy is visible. He has the knowledge, skills and wisdom to make a huge difference. Communities must be involved, we all need to take a stand and fight this horrible health crisis that is taking away 144 lives every day.

“People say ‘You can’t clone yourself’. I say 2 things.

1) I don’t have to. There are very capable people out there. They just need an idea. And a place to start…
2) Yes I can… Technology. I realized something today. Some of the most sensible and helpful information I get comes via online learning, podcasts, etc.…”
– Richard Jones March 5, 2017

Join me Friday, March 17th at 5PM EST for a discussion with Richard Jones.

Topics will include:

  • His Vision
  • Community Involvement
  • Education / School Involvment
  • Bills to force treatment
  • Advocacy
  • Celebrate Recovery

We will try to talk through all of these time permitting and also be open to question on Sunflower Effect’s Facebook page.

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