“Families are suffering – it’s as simple as that,”

I posted about this bill before and seeing the coverage on this bill I wanted to voice my support for this bill. Forcing treatment for addicts will not work for everyone, that is true. But, there are people it will work for. I know some that have long term recovery because of being forced to be clean. We have to do things different, we have to think out side of the box. I applaud Sentator Costa for brining this up and encourage people to contact the General Assembly to move this forward.

“Families are suffering – it’s as simple as that,” – PA State Senator Jay Costa

Having lost someone that I love as a daughter to an overdose is devasting and rips me apart. Amber was trying to get clean and wanted to help others. We need to have a way of providing more options for treatment.

One thing that concerns me about this bill is beds. Currently, it is very hard for someone to get a bed for treatment. We need to combat this and find more ways of providing help for people. We have to do more. 144 people die every day in the United States from an overdose.

State Sen. Jay Costa told Channel 11’s Joe Arena that it’s time to start thinking outside the box when it comes to getting help for people struggling with drug addiction.
“This is a little bit different than what we would normally want to do,” Costa said.

I am reaching out to Senator Costa to speak about this with him and know many other people with recovery and people who suffered loss that would like to see this bill moved forward.

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