Bullying… We Have To Do More

I wanted to share this information about a special event at Baldwin High School. “Bullying, Cyberbullying and Social Media Safety”. Bullying in any form has devastating effects on a child (and adults) that can progress into self-harm, addiction, depression and sucuide. With social media, bullying can be in a person’s face all the time and can drag a person down very fast. The effects of bullying can be long lasting and end tragically.

Mr. Klingensmith is an outpatient therapist and a Prevention Specialist at Addiction Medicine Services at UPMC. He has worked closely with school districts in Allegheny County to provide information on cyberbullying and social media safety to faculty and parents. ShapeTheSky.org

It seems like every school has a zero bully policy and well, it my opinion it does not work. I think one of the problems is there are so many limits to policies like these.We have to do more to help those in need. I am NOT critizing any schools or teachers. I am just stating my experience. If bullying occurs outside of school, how do parents handle it? If bullying occurs online, what is a parent to do? Technically, the school is not responsible from what I have seen if the bullying does not ocurr on school property.

Parents, first we have to monitor all social media that are children are using. We have to make sure that we understand that children are using social media and that is how they communicate in this generation. Social Media is NOT evil, but it can be used for evil, just like any other medium. Social Media is available 24×7, so a person (child or adult) can be subject to bullying constantly and this can have major effects on a person mind.

I am excited about this event and I am trying to change my schedule to attend. I encourage all parents in the Baldwin-Whitehall School District to attend this program.

Have you been affected by bullying?

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