Bubba Show: Erase The Epidemic

The opioid and heroin epidimic are taking so many lives, we have to do more. I am excited to see 100.7 Star and the Bubba Show create a new initiate called ‘Erase The Epidemic’.

100.7 Star wants to help battle the opioid and heroine addictions in our communities and the effects that they cause.

Bubba Show is teaming up with the experts at Cove Forge Behavioral Health for their next awareness campaign to ‘Erase the Epidemic.’

‘Erase the Epidemic’ focuses on bringing awareness to the opioid and heroine addictions that are killing our friends and families in our communities. With your help, we want to stop the cycle before it starts.

Recovery is possible and there is hope. At Sunflower Effect we want to raise awareness and work to end this horrible health crisis.

Nominate your school (grades 9-12) using the form below. We’ll select two schools for the Bubba Show assembly, one smaller (A-AAA) school and one larger (AAAA-AAAAAA) school. The assembly will take place in April.

Click above to nominate your school.






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