Bubba Show #EraseTheEpidemic

Yesterday, a local Pittsburgh morning show, the Bubba Show on Star FM 100.7 announced a new initiate called #EraseTheEpidemic. A good discussion was on the air and people called in sharing their stories and asking for help.

We must end the stigma associated with addiction and mental illness, they are  closely related in my opinion.

#EraseTheEpidemic, – “to bring awareness and to end the Heroin Epidemic”

Bubba Show

Our next Bubba Show initiative is #EraseTheEpidemic. Our goal is bring awareness and to end the Heroine Epidemic that is killing so many people.

If you need help here are 2 phone numbers for you:

White Deer Run 1-800-255-2335

Cove Forge Behavioral 1-800-873-2131
Love You – bubba

I am reaching out to you all and asking you to join the Bubba Show’s initiative to Erase The Epidemic. We are working with local schools to try to bring more in the form of prevention and awareness of the dangers of drugs.

“Just Say No”, didn’t work. We have to do more.

This is a health crisis that must be addressed, we must end the stigma associated with addiction and mental illness. Addiction does NOT discriminate, it knows no boundaries and affects EVERYONE.

Please help #EraseTheEpidemic and join with the Bubba Show on this initiative.

Follow the Bubba Show and join their initiate to Erase The Epidemic.

Below are the links for the Bubba Show.








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