New Bill To Force Treatment in PA

A new bill was proposed by PA Senator Jay Costa that would give the ability for families to petition the court to force a person with addiction to treatment.

Senate Bill 391 amends the Mental Health Procedures Act (MHPA) giving families the opportunity to seek involuntary commitments of loved ones for treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. While Pa law currently allows for involuntary commitment of those diagnosed with a mental illness, the current statute does not consider substance abuse disorder as a mental disorder. Read more.

I know there are people that don’t feel this is the right way and I used to agree with you. Having lost someone who I love and knowing the torment of seeing her hit what I would consider “rock bottom” was devasting. 

You could 302 somebody if they say they’ll kill themselves,” Amodeo said. “But you watch someone killing themselves daily by using drugs.”  Read full article.

I also have talked with people in recovery who say that being forced into an institution was what they needed to think straight enough to go for help. I know, sadly, this will not work for everyone. The number of lives that we are loosing is growing rapidly. Every addict is someone’s loved ones. Every addict is someone daughter or son. 

“So many addicts don’t see what they’re doing to themselves,” she said. “Your brain’s changed by these drugs. It’s not something that starts overnight, and it’s not something that’s going to change overnight.”

People who are in active addiction are killing themselves, they fighting a demon that will not give up even after years or decades of clean time. Addiction is life long and doesn’t stop. From what I am reading about this bill it would provide the family the ability to petition the court, this means that a court would be involved before a manadatory treatment is forced.

We have to do more. We have to think outside the box. We have to save lives. 

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