Why Sunflower Effect

The Sunflower Effect is dedicating to helping people affected by addiction. We lost Amber on June 4, 2015 to an accidental overdose. The lose of her was devastating and leaves a hole in our hearts. Amber was bright and vibrant young lady that battling depression and addiction throughout her life.

Amber was a person that wanted to help others, she talked about becoming a counselor. When she would visit, I would shine. My beautiful Goddaughter and niece was more of a daughter than a niece to me. She was a big sister to her cousins and was very protective of them.

After her passing, I began to speak about overdose and this health crisis that is taking so many lives away. My wife came up with the name Sunflower Effect because of Amber’s love of sunflower and how she stood tall and shined bright. Sadly, the shine was not always there, it was farther and farther apart as depression and addiction took a stronger hold on her.But, inside we knew she was there and tried everything we could think of to help her on the road to recovery.

This site is dedicated to Amber and all of the people that where lost and are battling addiction. I am honored to know many people with long term recovery and have spoke with them about this crisis.

We hope to form Sunflower Effect into a non-profit foundation to help raise awareness, increase education and prevention and celebrate recovery.

Please subscribe and follow us as we move along this journey together.


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