Reflecting On 2015 Loved Ones

As I reflect on 2015 I think of much sadness. Our family lost several people that we love very much. I think of each of them and the joy they brought in my life.

Each of the loses this year was hard and sudden. We did not expect any of them to occur.

Aunt Ginny 3/18/1955 – 2/16/2015

My Godmother, with her wonderful sense of humor, always bringing laughs to people. I will never forgot her dressing like a nun for Halloween or having a giant ear when she first started cutting hair. She laughed and just wanted to be happy. Now she is happy and with her young son who past at the age of 10.

Uncle Ray 12/17/1949 – 3/27/2015

My Uncle losing his battle to cancer, visiting our cottage is not the same without him there. His cancer progressed fast, getting worse and limiting him. We had hoped to get him to our cottage one last time but we couldn’t. But, he is now at rest there by the boccie court and I am sure he is happy and at peace.

Pap Balistrere (Balistrieri) 10/12/1922 – 4/5/2015

On Easter Sunday I got a call that Pap was taken to the hospital and not responsive. Rushing to get family together and make it to the hospital so he would not be a lone. He wasn’t. He was surrounded by family as he passed on. I was honored and sad to be there with him, just like I was with my Grandmother (his wife). I also discovered that he spelled his last name different than everyone else in the family, even his parents and his children. Correct spelling is in parenthesis above.

Amber (1/2/1991 – 6/4/2015

Losing Amber was and is devastating still. I have decided to speak out and try to help others in her memory. She suffered for a long time and is now at peace and no longer battling her demons. I believe that she is enjoying eternal peace and joy as she deserves. I miss her very much, we had so many wonderful talks together. She was a very intelligent young lady. Hearing her voice, seeing her smile and just being with her is a huge void in my life. Being around her filled me with happiness.

Then, two others not pictured, my cousins Ron and Johnny both also sudden and surprising to us.

Reflecting on 2015 is sad. Our family is strong and stuck together to comfort everyone.

Remember to live each moment, enjoy everyone you have and love. Tell them you love them. Be with them. As 2015 has shown you never know when you will lose them.


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