It Can Happen To Anyone

I know personally that it could happen to anyone and I also know the horrible pain the accompanies addiction. Addiction is a family disease, it grips a person and controls their thoughts and soul. It affects everyone that loves a person who is addicted.

We have tried the war on drugs for decades now, it has not worked. I watched a show this week titled “Pittsburgh Smack“, it details how this health crisis is so close to home. When I say Pittsburgh, I mean the Greater Pittsburgh Area, not just the city. This is not an inner city problem, addiction is in suburbs and rural America also. Addiction does NOT discriminate, it doesn’t care what your race or social status is. It doesn’t care about your finances. It will grip you and hold you tight. Seeing how the dealers think and have no regard the lifes affected is horrible. Seeing how the addicts life revolves around drugs and the sickness they suffer without that drug is so sad.

I also watched Chris Christie speak about addiction and how we treat it. Below is the video of his speach, please watch it I feel it is very informative and hits home. This is not an endorsement for him as president, just that I felt his speech was very true on this topic.

Together we can help fight addiction, below are the three simple ways that each of us can help.

  • End the stigma with addiction and overdose
  • Educate people on the epidemic and this health crisis
  • Celebrate recovery

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