Facing Addiction – Enough is Enough!

This fact is staggering!

Every 4 minute someone dies from addiction.

Every 13 minutes someone’s child dies from an overdose.

This horrible epidemic is a health crisis that is getting attention today of the leaders of our country. The Surgeon General today announce a Surgeon General’s report on addiction and leaders made it know that they will work with us to change the country.

Four months ago today we lost a beautiful young lady. She was struggling to get clean and fight this horrible demon called addiction. She slipped and it was her last time. The calls begin early in the morning on June 4th 2015. I collasped at work from shock. Reaching deep inside for the strength to do what had to done I got up and went to my sister (Amber’s mom). My sister cried and called for help. My wife was in a meeting at school for my daughter when I interupted her meeting. Our girls were pulled from class crying, Amber was more of a sister than a cousin. Amber’s grandparents cried and struggled to believe this horrible new reality.

Addiction is very real. This year, 2015, has had so much deaths from addiction that it is now a horrible health crisis. Every 13 minute’s someone loses a child to an overdose. Every 4 mintues someone dies from addiction.

Addiction is a family disease, it does not just affect the person who is addiction. It affects everyone that person knows and cares about. It is a HELL that I couldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

I have heard several comments about addicts that are very cruel. Addiction is a disease, that is a fact. It is listed by the medical professional as a disease so that is NOT debatable. Heroin, is a nasty drug that people can’t understand why someone would use. I agree completely with that. I do know that people do NOT just walk up in the morning and say “Hey let’s try heroin”. After you get hooked on pain pills and other drugs you need to find a cheaper way to get that feeling, at this point you are hooked already. Then you try it and the eurphia is described as amazing. But, that one time high is not something that you can get so easy after and every again. Heroin is used then to just feel normal, to stop from being sick. Dope sick is described as feeling like you are dying. They try to reach out for help but are looked down upon, what other disease has a stigma like addiction. How can people get help when they are looked at like the scum of the eart. Called names like junkies.

I have alrady been FED UP! I am FED UP with addiction, overdose and how addicts are treated! I am FED UP that we don’t legislation to help addicts.

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