Reading For Amber


Below, is what my G wrote and then stood and delivered to everyone at Amber’s service last Sunday. Savannah stood up at the podium to read a scripture with her Aunt Nina (Amber’s Mom). I am so proud of all of them.


Amber was like a sister to me. We had so much fun together with gymnastics competitions to dancing. I lover her so much. I loved how we were close cousins. And I will always remember all the fun we had. I am gonna miss her alot. And for everyone in this room to remember that she is looking down at us. One more thing in heave she is with Blaze who she would dress up with him and get a picture taken.

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. It’s never fun to lose a loved one, but when they are this young it’s truly heartbreaking. Sending you a lot of love and light to help ease some of that heartache.

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