Lou and Amber by a Sunflower
Amber and her Uncle Lou Rainaldi


Thank you for exploring The Sunflower Effect.  We are so glad that you’re here! The Sunflower Effect was founded in 2015 to honor the life and legacy of a young woman named Amber K. Mersing. Throughout her young life, Amber had what we here at The Sunflower Effect like to call broken wing syndrome. Amber was a vibrant young woman. She was a young woman whose smile was like a radiant beam of sunshine. Amber had dreams and aspirations of becoming a psychotherapist to help those struggling with mental health problems and addiction. When an individual met Amber, she was quick to help them with their life struggles but had a very difficult time handling her own. In her 24 years of life, Amber the one who many turned to for support, struggled with anxiety, depression, self-harm, and drug addiction.  In June of 2015, the struggles that Amber faced in life became too much to bear, and she lost her daily battle with all that was burdensome to her.  She loved sunflowers and was a flower child. Sunflowers stand tall just as Amber did throughout many uphill battles, and it is only fitting that we here at The Sunflower Effect incorporate that into this foundation.

Mission Statement: Here at The Sunflower Effect we strive to raise awareness regarding mental health problems, addiction, and recovery. Statistically, 174 people die of a drug overdose every day in (Jupe) in addition to the 3,000 people who take their own lives for other reasons (Nordqvist). We are in the midst of a drug addiction and mental health crisis in the United States of America and we here at The Sunflower Effect are working to be the change we want to see in the world.

Vision: We here at The Sunflower Effect are not mental health professionals nor are we addiction specialists, but we strive to provide helpful resources for those struggling. With three centralized areas of focus, The Sunflower Effect believes that it can make a difference in local communities and nationwide by:

  • Ending the stigma associated with mental illness and addiction.
  • Empowering others by providing educational resources amid the national drug addiction and mental health crisis.
  • Celebrating recovery because everyone struggling is someone’s loved one.

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Musical Credit:

Song Title: “You’re Gonna Be OK”

Artist(s): Brian and Jenn Johnson of Bethel Music

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